Covid 19 Regulations

Before your appointment


  • Make sure you feel healthy and have not had contact with anyone that is sick in the past two weeks. If you feel sick or have a fever you will be rescheduled.


  • Virtual consultations are available to determine your appointment needs and to voice any concerns you might have.

What to expect when you arrive to your appointment


  • A face mask that covers your nose and mouth must be worn for non fully vaccinated clients before you  come in and at all times during your salon visit.  The mask must have ear loops so the stylist can work on your hair. The mask might get ruined during service so you must be OK with that. If you don’t have a proper mask or don’t want to ruin your mask we can provide you with a disposable one. 

We are doing everything we can to make Salon 560 a safe space for everyone. 

  • We are now allowed 100 percent capacity for indoor services!

  • Masks are still required for non fully vaccinated clients and stylists. 

  • Stylist who don't feel well, have any covid-19 symptoms or have a fever are not allowed to work.