Covid 19 Regulations

Before your appointment


  • Make sure you feel healthy and have not had contact with anyone that is sick in the past two weeks. If you feel sick or have a fever you will be rescheduled.


  • Virtual consultations are available to determine you appointment needs and to voice any concerns you might have.


  • There will not be any magazines or beverages provided. You can bring a book, tablet or phone to your appointment.


  • Only the person getting a service is allowed to come in. No family members, friends or pets. If a child is getting a hair service, an adult may accompany them but the adult must stand 6 feet apart from the stylist when possible. ​

What to expect when you arrive to your appointment


  • You must wait in your car or outside until we call or text you to come in. ​


  • A face mask that covers your nose and mouth must be worn before you  come in and at all times during your salon visit.  The mask must have ear loops so the stylist can work on your hair. The mask might get ruined during service so you must be OK with that. If you don’t have a proper mask or don’t want to ruin your mask we can provide you with a disposable one. 


  • We will be taking your temperature upon arrival. If your temperature is higher than average you will not be allowed to stay for you appointment. You can reschedule another appointment for 2 weeks later. 


  • You will be asked to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds when entering the salon.


  • After washing your hands and taking your temperature you will be walked to the sanitary station to use hand sanitizer and put on disposable gloves. 

  • We will have you sign a waiver/sign in sheet. 


  • The retail area is off limits, if you need to purchase any products we can pull them down for you. 


  • Paying for your service: please check with your stylist for the best way to pay for your service. You might consider prepaying, using venmo, or contact-less card or watch.

We are doing everything we can to make Salon 560 a safe space for everyone. 

  • We are operating at 1/2 occupancy rate to insure safe distancing.

  • Stylist who don't feel well, have any covid-19 symptoms or have a fever are not allowed to work. 

  • We are constantly sanitizing everything before and after every client and before opening and after closing. 

  • We are complying with state regulations and keeping a distance from other stylist in the salon. 

  • We take our temperature and wash our hands upon arrival. We wash our hands before and after every client. Clean our tools, station, shampoo bowl and anything that is touched after we use it.